Business Plan Analysis for Modern Agriculture Communities (MAC)

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Business Plan Analysis for Modern Agriculture Communities (MAC)

Publish Date:06 May 2024
Closing Date:27 May 2024

Announcement Description


1 . Background

      1 .1 CAPRED

The CAPRED is Australia’s flagship bilateral economic development facility in Cambodia. The Facility supports Cambodia in implementing various economic interventions and reforms to maintain the country’s economic transition. These interventions and reforms encourage more productive and inclusive public and private investment, promoting a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable economy (RISE).

     1 . 2 Modern Agriculture Communities (MACs)

In Cambodia, smallholder farmers dominate the agricultural landscape, facing challenges such as limited access to technology, financial services, market information, infrastructure support, and the impact of climate change. To mitigate these constraints and improve smallholder income, approximately 1,200 agricultural cooperatives have been established, comprising 170,000 members, with women making up 63% of this total. These cooperatives represent a collective effort to address the problems smallholder farmers face by pooling resources, knowledge, and market access, accounting for 5.9% of the nation's farmers. As reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) in 2022, the effectiveness of these cooperatives has been limited, with only 17.5% of them performing well. Agricultural cooperatives (ACs) face the following challenges:



In response, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) plans to establish Modern Agriculture Communities (MACs) to transition from traditional family-based farming to more organised and economically robust agricultural enterprises in Cambodia.


Bid Components

Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development Program



RFP Number:  RFP24-028

Project Name:  Business Plan Analysis for Modern Agriculture Communities (MACs)

Domain Name:  Agriculture and SMEs

Assignment Duration:  If possible commencing June to October 2024, with possible extension until March 2025


2 . Purpose

CAPRED is seeking a consultancy firm to develop a practical business plan for the MAC. This plan will detail the benefits of MAC for farmers, including its products and pricing, as well as the costs and funding required to launch and operate the system. It will also outline how MAC will make and manage money and how profits and losses will be distributed among its members. The business plan will focus on straightforward and achievable activities for the farmer groups, ensuring they are not overwhelmed by complexity as they grow.


Bidder Eligibility


  1. Qualifications
    • A consultancy firm shall have personnel within the team with the following qualifications.
    •  Education:
      • Individuals who will work on this project should possess at least bachelor’s degree in agribusiness, agricultural economic or any related fields. Doctoral and master’s degree are desirable.
    • Technical competencies and Experience:
      • Have a proven track record of at least five years of experience and expertise in providing consultancy services in agribusiness, agricultural economics, or a related field.
      • Demonstrate experience in conducting feasibility studies of large-scale agricultural projects, preferably in Cambodia.
      • Possess extensive experience in agricultural investment analysis, focusing on commercial production and market alignment of local agricultural products.
      • Have excellent understanding on value chain for key marketable commodities in Cambodia and its socio-economic dynamics.
      • Demonstrate ability to manage projects effectively, meeting deadlines and adhering to budgets.
      • Experience handling multiple stakeholders and coordinating with government bodies, the private sector, and local communities.
      • Demonstrate strong commitment to incorporate Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) principles into project planning and implementation.
      • Demonstrate proven capability to integrate climate resilience and environmental sustainability strategies into agricultural practices.
    • Other Competencies:
      • Demonstrating integrity and high ethical standards.
      • Displaying sensitivity and adaptability to cultural, gender, religious, racial, national, and age differences.
      • Treating all people fairly without favouritism.
      • Fulfilling obligations to GEDSI sensitivity and maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment.
      • Strictly comply with DFAT Child Protection Code of Conduct and Policy. ( )


Submission Requirements


CAPRED will use an objective and reliable process to evaluate each proposal. The proposals and responses will be evaluated based on (in no particular order):


  1. Compliance with this Request for Proposal (RFP).
  2. Understanding of and ability to meet the requirements and deadlines as specified.
  3. Proposed comprehensive workplan with specific timeframe
  4. Supplier expertise and experience with delivery of similar projects.
  5. Expertise of individuals and overall team nominated to deliver the services and equipment. CAPRED reserves the right to reject any individual being proposed and to ask the supplier to provide an alternative.
  6. Past performance relevant to this RFP (as determined by referee checks).
  7. Relevant examples of previous work.
  8. Proposed fee charged for the services


Note: While price is a factor, it is more important that the applicant can demonstrate value for money. CAPRED reserves the right to contract more than one supplier for these services and may actively seek to contract more than one supplier to ensure supply of technical services. CAPRED reserves the right to vary the contract terms, and to exercise the option period at its sole discretion.


6 . How to Apply


The proposals including the Response Form must be submitted no later than 5pm (Phnom Penh time), Monday 27th, May 2024. by email provided in the contact details with “MAC Consultancy firm – RFP” in the subject line. Any proposals submitted after this time and date will not be considered.

The applicant is required to submit the Response Form in English language (form provided separately), and with an indication of a daily rate for each task/service as per section C of the Response Form. The rate should include any and all costs to carry out the work in the specified location. In addition to the proposal fee, the applicant should also detail any other relevant assumptions or required terms.

For further information:

Further information about this RFP can be obtained from Mr. SOURN Sophoan, Agriculture and SMEs Lead, at email

Business Plan Analysis for Modern Agriculture Communities (MAC)

The CAPRED program, Australia's flagship economic development facility in Cambodia, supports the country's economic transition through various interventions and reforms promoting a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable economy. To address challenges faced by smallholder farmers, approximately 1,200 agricultural cooperatives have been established, though their effectiveness is limited.

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Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED) is Australia's flagship bilateral economic development facility in Cambodia. Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and implemented by Cowater International, CAPRED focuses on supporting inclusive economic recovery and boosting resilience and sustainability over the five years from 2022 to 2027. CAPRED adopts a mix of a programmatic and facility model. The facility model allows CAPRED to flexibly tackle a range of emerging inter-related public and private sector constraints and opportunities to promote resilient, inclusive, and sustainable growth (RISE) across different sectors.

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