The Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) officially launched and disseminated the Neary Rattanak VI Strategic Plan 2024-2028 on 8 April 2024 to promote gender equality and empower women and girls in Cambodia by H.E. Minister of Women’s Affairs Kittibandit Ing Kantha Phavi. The event gathered over 300 women participants from government ministries and agencies, civil society organisations, development partners, research institutions, the private sector and youth groups. 


Neary Rattanak VI is a five-year master plan that sets out 41 measures focusing on gender mainstreaming through a gender-transformative approach, with six priority programs on promoting (1) Women's Economic Empowerment; (2) Social Ethics, Women’s and Family’s Values; (3) Well-Being of Women and Girls; (4) Legal Protection for Women and Girls; (5) Women in Leadership and Governance; and (6) Women and Climate Change.


H.E. Kim Siphat, MoWA Permanent Secretary of State, stated, “This strategic plan is designed to respond to the situation and trends of the society in accordance with the policy framework of the Royal Government of Cambodia, in particular, participating in the implementation of the Pentagonal Strategy - Phase 1, Cambodia's Sustainable Development Goals, and Cambodia’s commitments in the United Nations and in the region agendas.”


H.E. Minister stated, “In implementing Neary Rattanak VI, MoWA will continue to play its role in two main ways: 1. Supporting and providing more inputs to the sectors, line ministries and partners through analysing and mainstreaming gender and to reduce the gender gap within the policy frameworks and sectoral programs. This includes to support gender mechanisms at all levels, and promote public awareness and change negative attitudes to support the reduction of gender gaps in all sectors. 2. The Ministry serves directly to women and girls, such as assisting women and girls affected by gender-based violence, promoting economic empowerment, and entrepreneurship development and leadership development.”


Australia was a primary sponsor of the event. Acting Deputy Australian Ambassador to Cambodia,  Ms. Amber Cernovs said, "We are not only celebrating the launch of the Neary Rattanak VI Strategy but also the enduring partnership between Australia and Cambodia that has made such milestones possible. The strategy is a reflection of our shared vision for an inclusive society where gender equality and women’s economic empowerment are not just goals but realities we are actively shaping.” 


Ms. Amber Cernovs added, “Through the Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED) and other DFAT programs, as well as our collaborative efforts, Australia is committed to support Cambodia in addressing the challenges that remain, ensuring that women and girls have the opportunity to succeed and lead. This comprehensive plan is a testament to what we can achieve together, and we look forward to continuing this journey towards a more equitable future for all.”


H.E. Minister also stated that, "Neary Rattanak VI aims to contribute in building the foundation towards realising the Cambodia Vision 2030 and 2050 by promoting gender equality and taking advantage of gender dividends in relevant sectors to contribute to accelerating economic growth, strengthening social welfare and resilience of the people, and promoting inclusive governance at all levels. We need to walk this long-term vision together in greater cooperation and engagement on the road to achieving this vision.”


Held at the Sun & Moon Riverside Hotel, the launch was organised in partnership with and supported by Australia, through CAPRED, as well as many other partners.